All living organisms, including human beings, are surrounded by Universal energy.  While we are constantly bathed in this ocean of energy, simultaneously, every living object has its own individual energy blueprint.  Every interaction between living beings includes an exchange of energy, whether we are aware of it, or desire the exchange at all. We can learn much more about ourselves when we become more conscious of this entire process.  This awareness is the foundation of everything we teach in our seminars.

Margaret and Mietek Wirkus

Mietek Wirkus

Mietek Wirkus was born in Poland and manifested talents of a healer when he was a small child. From an early age he was capable of observing “colorful and glittering clouds” which surrounded the physical bodies of people and animals, and he would comment about them. Mietek performed his first healing treatment as a four-year old on his asthma afflicted sister. After several seconds of sitting close to her, the asthma attacks would pass. These healing events were often observed by the members of his family, and the family physician. From early childhood Mietek realized that he differed from the vast majority of his contemporaries, but before he decided to devote himself completely to work with Bio-Energy, more than 30 years would pass.

What Is Bio-Energy

The phenomenon called life has two components: the first is biochemical, while the other pertains to energy. These two aspects can exist separately, but not in a form recognized as life on planet Earth. Energy animates matter by penetrating it. Its withdrawal from the body signals clinical death, and clinical death initiates the process of decomposing the body into the smallest biochemical particles.

Learn About Bio-Energy

The School of Bio-Energy holds seminars for physicians, nurses, medical technicians, body work therapists, therapeutic professionals and anyone who is interested in pursuing Bio-Energy work. The workshops consist of theory, meditation exercises, energy and breath work, with a major emphasis placed on individual experience. Upon completion of the material in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses, students have the option to pursue the Bio-Energy Master Certificate. Bio-Energy courses are hosted by Mietek, Margaret, their daughter Sulika and Master Certificate holder Christopher Hayes. Details about the programs offered, and schedule of upcoming 2021 workshops can be found in Our Courses.