Advanced Seminar / 2.0

Offered in-person.

Upon completion of both the Basic/1.0 course, and Intermediate/1.5 in-person seminar through the School of Bio-Energy, the next level of progression is the Advanced/2.0 class. During this two-day seminar, students continue to learn how to work with Bio-Energy, how to influence the energy fields of others and how to correct them. On this level of work, trainees enhance their Bio-Energy work on the etheric, emotional and mental levels. We teach hygiene in Bio-Energy work, as well as ethics in application of this modality. This workshop emphasizes the strengthening of techniques learned in the previous seminars, development of new skills, which include increased sensitivity and knowledge of how the human energy fields interact, further development in the area of work around the third eye chakra and an overview of diagnostic skills. Students have the opportunity to not only work with each other, but also with clients brought to the class to experience healing sessions from the students. As part of this course, students are encouraged to practice all of the techniques taught in this program as much as possible prior to engaging in the Advanced/2.0 workshop, and once together, asked to share their experiences with the group. Lastly, each student is encouraged to gain basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology prior to engaging in this course. Typically, completion of the Advanced/2.0 course is the conclusion of the core program offered through the School of Bio-Energy. Should this healing modality become of specific interest, there is a Master Certificate level up to follow as next step for those interested in becoming a Bio-Energy Practitioner.

*Upon completion of the Advanced/2.0 workshop, students are welcome to join the Alumni Practice Groups which are currently held virtually.

2023 Class Schedule 

March 15th, 16th & 17th  (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)  >> Oahu, HI  >> with Sulika Wirkus and Christopher Hayes

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