Basic Seminar / 1.0

Offered virtually. Please contact us for information on how to purchase.

The Basic/1.0 class is designed for students who wish to consciously create, identify, and move energy within the body for personal health and well-being. Students who are interested in this entry-level program typically look to further enhance their current healing practice, wish to expand their toolbox with new approaches to apply in their current line of work with clients in therapeutic settings, are interested in meditation and breath work, and/or are looking for holistic instruments to cope with everyday stress. This 2-day weekend workshop, offered via remote delivery, provides an opportunity for students to engage in gradually progressive sequence of exercises and meditations based on Tibetan techniques, which promote good energy flow. Informal lectures and discussions allow for a framework to engage in active participation during the workshop. Each student obtains a manual with detailed descriptions of all exercises, and although we engage in theory, the main emphasis is placed on individual experience. While all students participate in the same exercises, their experiences vary. On elementary level, we teach how to create and feel energy, how to properly direct it, and how to release emotions which have been unconsciously accumulated throughout the years. This allows for the mental level to assert control over our unchecked emotions, and mentally steer all levels of energy, as needed. The Basic/1.0 course helps initiate the process of awakening the healer that exists within each of us.

*Everyone is accepted into the Basic Level/1.0 seminar, with the exception of individuals who lack emotional balance and are excessively aggressive.

**Upon completion of the Basic/1.0 workshop, students are welcome to join the Alumni Practice Groups which are currently held virtually.

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