Basic Seminar / 1.0

Offered virtually.

The Basic/1.0 class is designed for students who wish to consciously create, identify, and move energy within the body for personal health and well-being.

Intermediate Seminar / 1.5

Offered both virtually and in-person.

Once the Basic /1.0 course is successfully completed, students are welcome to continue to explore the offerings from the School of Bio-Energy and the Intermediate /1.5 level course, as a natural next step.

Advanced Seminar / 2.0

Offered in-person.

Upon completion of both the Basic/1.0 course, and Intermediate/1.5 in-person seminar through the School of Bio-Energy, the next level of progression is the Advanced/2.0 class.

Alumni Bio-Energy Practice Group Meetings

Offered virtually.

Upon completion of the Basic/1.0 course, students are welcome to join the monthly/quarterly alumni practice group meetings currently hosted virtually.

Master Certificate

Upon completion of the Basic/1.0, Intermediate/1.5 and two Advanced/2.0 seminars, students have the option to pursue the Bio-Energy Master Certificate through the School of Bio-Energy. This offering is reviewed in more detail during the Advanced course, and is recommended for students who are specifically interested in becoming Bio-Energy practitioners. The path towards a successful completion of a Master Certificate consists of Bio-Energy work with clients, research project(s) and long-distance healing work. The work should be completed within a period of maximum 3 years.