Bio-Energy Resources

Information on Mietek Wirkus and his work
can be found in the following books and publications.

External Bioenergy Increases Intracellular Free Calcium Concentration and Reduces Cellular Response to Heat Stress
Julian Kiang, Diane Marotta, Mietek Wirkus, Margaret Wirkus, Wayne Jonas

Alterations in Random Event Measures Associated with a Healing Practice
The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Volume 9, Number 3, 2003.

Cross Currents – The Perils of Electropollution – The promise of Electromedicine
by Robert Becker M.D.

The Uncommon Touch – An Investigation of Spiritual Healing
by Tom Harpur

New Realities Magazine July/August 1987

The Western Journal of Medicine December 1998
A Randomized Double-Blind Study of the Effect of Distant Healing In A Population With Advanced AIDS

Subtle Energies Vol.2 , nr.3, 1991
Anomalous Electrostatic Phenomena In Exceptional Subjects

Subtle Energies Vol.3 , nr.1, 1992
EEG Amplitude, Brain Mapping & Synchrony In & Between A Bioenergy Practitioner & Client During Healing

Subtle Energies Vol.3, nr.2, 1992
Gender Differences In A Magnetic Field

Suggested Reading

  • Mysteries of Bio-Energy / Tajemnice Bioenergii by Margaret Wirkus (available in English and Polish).
    Available for purchase, contact us to learn more.
  • Future Science by John White
  • A Blueprint for Immortality by Saxton Burr
  • The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Dr. Robert O. Becker
  • Infinite Grace by Diane Goldner
  • Healing Research Holistic Energy Medicine and Spirituality – Vol.1
    by Daniel J. Benor M.D.
  • Sacred Healing The Curing Power of Energy and Spirituality by C. Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.D.
  • Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backward by Brian Luke Seaward Ph.D.