Intermediate Seminar / 1.5

Offered both virtually and in-person.

Once the Basic /1.0 course is successfully completed, students are welcome to continue to explore the offerings from the School of Bio-Energy and the Intermediate /1.5 level course, as a natural next step. During this 2-day weekend seminar, offered via remote delivery, students review the material from the Basic/1.0 class and further engage in meditation exercises, breath work and continue to focus on their own energy flow. Trainees dive deeper to discover their own energetic abilities and learn how to design a program to work with others. This workshop is taught in a similar style to the entry-level class. There is an opportunity to engage in light overview of human anatomy, informal lectures and theory, followed by group discussions. Each student obtains a set of detailed descriptions of all exercises, and much like the entry-level workshop, the main emphasis is placed on individual experience. If you are looking to utilize Bio-Energy with your family members, close friends, animals, further engage in breath work, welcome new meditations, or simply desire to apply the tools from the school to manage stress, we recommend this course. The Intermediate/1.5 course allows the trainees to continue the process of awakening the healer that exists within each of us.

*Students who typically choose to pursue this virtual training are specifically looking to continue their education in the School of Bio-Energy via remote delivery.

**The prerequisite for the Intermediate/1.5 seminar is successful completion of the entry-level Basic/1.0 level training .

***Upon completion of the Intermediate/1.5 workshop, students are welcome to join the Alumni Practice Groups which are currently held virtually.

2023 Schedule

March 8th, 9th & 10th  (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)  >> Oahu, HI  >> with Sulika Wirkus and Christopher Hayes

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