Kevin J. Todeschi, editor-in-chief of Venture Inward, published by A.R.E., interviewed Mietek and Margaret Wirkus for an article on Bioenergy


Kevin Todeschi: Perhaps the best question to start with would be to ask when Mietek first discovered his ability to work with energy and healing, and how his involvement in this field progressed?

Mietek and Margaret Wirkus: As early as four, Mietek often observed and commented about the “colorful, glittering clouds” that he saw surrounding both people and animals. He also performed his first “healing” at four and a half on his asthmatic sister. In fact, Mietek was able to make his sister asthma attacks pass after several seconds of bioenergy work. It was a phenomenon that was observed by his family, as well as by his family’s physician.

Shortly thereafter, Mietek realized that this ability and his interest in healing was quite different than that of other children. Thirty years would pass before Mietek devoted himself to the field fulltime. During that period, he continued to develop his healing abilities. He studied Eastern meditation and breathing techniques. He learned how to regulate the flow of energy in his own body and within his energy fields. He also examined a variety of esoteric sources concerning the connection between the mind, the emotions, and the physical body, and compared them to his own experiences.

Eventually, Mietek became one of the first three bioenergy therapists, working in Polish medical centers along with physicians. It was this experience that convinced him of the need for close cooperation between the medical profession and bioenergy practitioners.

KT: Poland officially recognized bioenergy therapy in 1982. Do you think that this field will gain even greater prominence in the United States in the near future?

MMW: I certainly hope so. Research has shown that it is possible to have an affect upon the body’s energy systems of both the healer and the healee. In the laboratory this affect has been measured. For example, Dr. Elmer Green of the Menninger Clinic recorded sudden electrical surges in Mietek that on a number of occasions registered eighty volts or more. Higher surges occurred when Mietek was “just conscious of creating a charge and sending it.” According to Dr. Green, creating an electrical force of that magnitude “isn’t really possible. Except for the fact that it happens!”

There are also an ever-growing number of physicians and health-care professionals interested in this field. Over the years, hundreds of physicians, nurses, medical technicians, psychotherapists, and other health-care professionals have taken part in our classes. The interest will only continue to grow.

KT: Can you explain what occurs during a bioenergy therapy session?

MMS: The phenomenon we call life has two basic components: the first is biochemical and the other pertains to energy. We are all built from these two components – biochemical matter and energy. The energy that animates the bodies of humans and animals is known as bioenergy – the energy of life. This force surrounds every cell, providing a blueprint for the physical body and also serving as a medium for the flow of information through the body. Bioenergy also extends outside of the physical body, creating low frequency electromagnetic fields around us (as well as other subtle energy fields).

When energy withdraws from the physical body (and EEG and EKG can no longer be detected) it results in clinical death. Clinical death initiates the process of decomposing the body into small biochemical particles.

Everything that happens to a physical body is reflected in its energy flows. Therefore, a skilled bioenergy practitioners can detect these fields, as well as energy flows in the body. When either the fields of the energy flow are not balanced problems with health may result. A bioenergy practitioner is able to restore the balance between biochemical and bioenergy components, and return these flows and fields to their original state. The result is an improvement in wellbeing.

Essentially, bioenergy practice involved the replenishment of human “bio-currents” and the elimination of energy disturbances and blocks. It is a non touch technique. When Mietek is working, he senses the energy flow around a client’s body. He can feel imbalanced or congested areas and he can then use his own energy to the troubled areas.

KT: Are these energy fields similar to what Edgar Cayce called the aura?

MMS: Mietek work suggest that there are four internal levels of bioenergy that flow in our bodies. This energy flows through the skeletal structure of the body, through blood circulation, through the nervous system, and through the skin. All of these energy flows may be facilitated by bodywork practices, such as massage, chiropractic, Rolfing, acupuncture, etc.

He also recognizes three external levels of bioenergy that surround our bodies. One of them is called (after ancient Greek doctors) aura. It is the same field which some healers recognize and call an emotional field.

You may find it interesting that we first learned about the Edgar Cayce information in books on the black market in Poland. So much of what Cayce had to say was really decades ahead of the scientific community. It also parallels much of Mietek’s experiences.

KT: The Cayce information suggests that oftentimes illness manifests at an energetic level before it manifests at a physical level. When you are working with healing, do you ever encounter this phenomenon – illnesses that are about to manifest in the physical body?

MMS: Yes, as we have already mentioned, bioenergy practice is a non touch technique. Mietek never touches the physical body of his clients and focuses on the fields which are located around each body. Possible future problems with health can be sensed in these fields before they manifest in the body. It’s important to remember, however, that a bioenergy practitioner should never diagnose an illness. He or she can certainly refer a client to a doctor for additional checkup, but as soon as you label a serious illness oftentimes a client can be defeated simply by his or her own mental attitude about that illness. If you think you have incurable cancer, or if you think you only have three months to live, what are the chances that the mind and body are going to be able to overcome your thoughts about that problem?

KT: Since illness can be detected in the energy field before it manifests physically, is it possible to follow through on physical remedies to prevent an illness?

MMW: Physical remedies have certain vibrations. If these vibrations are matched to what the person is missing, taking particular remedies should bring the relief.

Physical treatments can positively affect a condition only when a persons mental level is ready for healing. When there is a will to get better and a will to live. Certainly, one can work with such a person with bio energy, which corrects the fields before their vibrations have an effect on physical as well as mental/emotional and spiritual components of the individual.

KT: This is really a two-part question. First of all, does the health of the bioenergy practitioner affect the client?; and, secondly is it possible that an energetic illness in the client’s field could be picked up by a bioenergy practitioner?

MMW: The answer to the first question is that bioenergy practitioners must ensure that they are medically, physically, and psychological fit in order to practice because the practitioners is transferring energy to areas in the client that are deficient. There are practices which help bioenergy practitioners to protect their fields against depletion and we teach these practices in our training.

In terms of the second question, it is not possible to pick up a physical illness, but very possible to pick up the symptoms of physical condition their clients have. Without proper approach a practitioner could adversely affect their own energy field for a time – perhaps feeling anxious, feeling unsettled or feeling out of balance after a session. It is for that reason that the bioenergy practitioner must learn at least the very basic exercises which allow them to protect their own biofields.